Studio ’09 Update 8 & Flash Player 10.2

Written by Gabe Anderson and Dave Mozealous — Posted in Articulate Engage, Articulate Presenter, Articulate Quizmaker

Last week we released Studio ’09 Update 8, which contains fixes for a few minor issues caused by a bug in Flash Player 10.2, and affects a small number of customers using Quizmaker ’09 and Engage ’09. This update includes all previous enhancements and bug fixes for Updates 1-7, so when you download Update 8, you’ll have the latest and greatest version of Studio ’09.

What issues might you see with Flash Player 10.2?

Here are the two main issues addressed with this update:

  • Issue 1: Articulate Quizmaker ’09 quizzes fail to load in Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari in Flash Player 10.2, if the path to the published quiz contains any spaces.

    Adobe Flash Player Bug Number: FP-6198

    Technical Issue: The path to the loading SWF file returned by Flash Player 10.2 is different than previous versions of the Flash Player. You can learn more about the technical details here.

    How this affects you: If the path to any of your Quizmaker ’09 quizzes contains a space, the quiz may fail to load in Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari in the latest version of the Flash Player (10.2).

    How you can resolve the issue: You can correct the issue by removing any spaces in the output path to the published Quizmaker quiz (e.g., change quiz/quiz.html to, or by republishing your quiz with Quizmaker ’09 Update 8.

  • Issue 2: Articulate Engage ’09 interaction screenshots in Word-published output wouldn’t appear correctly when Flash Player 10.2 or slower-performing Flash Players are installed.

    Technical Issue: When publishing to Word, Engage loads the interaction and takes a screenshot of the interaction. On slower-performing Flash Players (such as Flash Player 10.2), larger interactions would not load before the screenshot is taken. Read more about this issue here.

    How this affects you: If you have larger Engage ’09 interactions that you publish to Word, some of the screenshots might not appear correctly.

    How you can resolve the issue: Republish your interactions with Engage ’09 Update 8.

How do I upgrade?

If you check for updates within your Articulate software, you will not be notified of this new release. We did this because this update won’t be necessary for the majority of customers, and we know how annoying it can be to update software when you don’t really need to. If you’re affected by the issues outlined above or just want Update 8, you can get this update here.

Updating your Articulate software will never affect existing content or projects.

Where can I find release notes?

Review the detailed release notes to learn more about what else was addressed in each product update:

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How do I know what version what update I have installed? The about button shows a completely different version.

Al // Posted at 8:44 pm on November 15th, 2011

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