“Support Other Software Producers Can Only Dream Of”

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Not to brag, but just how much does our support rock? Allow our customers to tell you:

“I have said this before, but I can only repeat myself: Your support is the best I have ever encountered with any software product! You guys really set a standard! Less than 5 minutes between question and answer…..wow! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!”

Your company has launched an initiative to convert a portion of its classroom training to elearning. A lot of the training exists as PowerPoint. You’ve heard good things about Flash as a delivery platform. So you start researching PowerPoint-to-Flash software. You download some trials — Articulate Presenter and some of its competitors — compare features, work up a budget.

It’s time to make a purchasing decision. What do you do?

If the Articulate Presenter feature set doesn’t convince you, let some of our existing customers tell you about the Articulate difference: Our people.

November 2007 was the last time I shared customer praise, so it’s time to share some more.

“Your support people are the very definition of awesome.

Quick response, polite and respectful of your customers’ ability and technical understanding.”

-Geetika Guha
Senior Instruction Design Analyst
Large Consulting Company

And another with photo accompaniment:

“I am not sure which I value more: Articulate’s revolutionary suite of products or its unrivaled customer support.

Articulate Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker have changed the way we develop training and presentations. Our offerings are now more interactive and effective. We have successfully launched truly blended courses, using the Articulate suite. They are aesthetically better than anything we have used before and take a fraction of the time to create.

Articulate’s customer service is world-class. I have had to opportunity to speak with a number of people on the Articulate team and I am blown away each and every time. Every person is committed to providing a level of support that surpasses any expectations. I have yet to speak with one person who didn’t maintain this level of excellence.

Articulate has become an integral part of our success and the success of our clients.”

– Mandy Smith
Training Design and Development Manager
Certified eLearning Designer
Southwest Business Corporation

I also have a collection of so much great feedback, it’s hard to decide which to highlight, but these comments epitomize the kind of input we receive almost daily:

Articulate’s customer support is far and away the best I have every dealt with in my twenty years of working with numerous software packages. I commend Articulate’s commitment to customer support!”

“As usual, Justin Wilcox, Sam Abramson and the rest of your support staff have done a top shelf job. The recent Articulate Online/DNS issue was handled as professionally and swiftly as any I have ever experienced. Your subsequent communication to customers should be a model for technical support and problem resolution in this industry. Bravo Gabe!”

“Wow… everything is so fantastic already… the response is fast and to the point, and in some case, the support even gave more than what was asked for when they feel that it will help… talk about going beyond 🙂 Well Done, Support team! I really can’t think of anything to improve on the service.”

“While we are at it, I would like to commend you on the wonderful support that has been provided by the Support Staff over at Articulate, often going beyond just answering what is asked and suggesting more solutions or ‘could-be’ solutions. Well Done! And so far, with the support that we are getting, selling and supporting our client is a breeze! Kudos to the Support Team!”

“The information and Customer Service was absolutely stellar. I got the solution within minutes. Thank you.”

“Thanks so much for all of your help Niki. It seems as though the service with you guys is just as good as your software. I would like you to pass on to your supervisor, how impressed I was with your fantastic service.”

“I gave it another go and my install was successful. Thanks so much for your quick response to this matter … I’d like to commend you on your outstanding support.

“Thanks very much for your quick and helpful support response. Your quick help will definitely enter into my decision-making process when we look into upgrading to the latest version of Presenter in the next few months.
– John Robinson

“Thanks – my goodness – what a quick response!”

“Thanks – it worked! and I am already finished with my presentation! What a great product! Thanks for your awesome customer service. Tell Gabe that he hires great people!”

“You are WONDERFUL! You know what I don’t like about Articulate Support? NOTHING! I can’t tell you how helpful you all are, how responsive, and how much you have contributed to my current project.”

“Hi! I was able to use the chat support today to great effect, thanks for your help!”

“THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH! Now i can proceed with my job and I’m very very satisfied from your kind and successful assistance!”

“You bet Gabe, I’m virtually patting you on the back for diligence in responding to my issue and providing peace of mind. I know I am one-of-many customers, but making me feel the issue was important.”

“I am very VERY impressed!!! …I found the support from your end and from the technical support side extremely efficient. You being so polite and responsive in your action with getting the initializing email to me immediately, and the technical guys making the upgrades and registering and all the rest very straight forward. All of this in one day!!! Thank you Articulate. Oh, and the application is phenomenal too. Thanks once again.”

My husband who is also in tech support says to tell you ‘You are a god!’ As tech support guys, don’t get near enough positive input!!!”

“Finally, I really want to commend Articulate on the caliber of your technical support. I had some issues with this install for reasons that were beyond the pale of normalcy. I was VERY impressed with your tech support response and service – the best I’ve experienced for one of the most insidious system issues I’ve ever encountered. Really, really impressive! It took some time to resolve the issue, but everyone was super responsive, communicated effectively, and remained proactive. Ultimately, Justin Wilcox provided me with a new build that resolved the issue.”

“Gabe, yes that was it. I did not think that the trial version would be a factor here. I do want to thank you again for what I consider the ‘excellent’ customer service you provided me today. I appreciate that fact that you responded to my email quickly as well as taking the time to walk me through the re-install. This gives me confidence in the product and Articulate’s commitment to service.

“This kind of support other software producers can only dream of!”

Thank you for sharing all the very kind words! Good, bad, or otherwise, please drop me a line any time to tell me how we’re doing and what we can do to make your Articulate experience even better.

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