“Unlike Anything Our Clients Have Ever Seen:” SWBC Case Study

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To say that Mandy Smith, Training Design and Development Manager with Southwest Business Corporation (SWBC), is a fan of Articulate products would be an understatement. Mandy is such an enthusiastic customer and provided me with so much great material for this blog entry that she almost made sharing her story too easy.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, SWBC is a diversified financial services company providing a wide range of insurance, mortgage and investments to financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. Mandy uses Articulate products to create elearning. She also uses it to create sales presentation for various departments within SWBC, including her own.

“Unlike Anything Our Clients Have Ever Seen”

Mandy describes how seeing is believing:

“How better to showcase what we do? Trying to describe our interactive, online learning isn’t effective. But showing our online learning and our capabilities is the only way to allow our audience to experience what we do.

“We are not only using Articulate for our sales presentations, but have other departments asking us to convert theirs! In fact, two of the departments want me to convert their annual report to the owners!

“We work in a very competitive market. We needed something that demonstrated how we are different from other training, insurance, mortgage and investment providers. Articulate Presenter and Engage is unlike anything our clients have ever seen. The ‘wow factor’ is definitely there!
I have had a number of existing and potential clients ask what tool we used. In fact, I have had a number who have begun using Articulate as a result. More important than that, we have gained new SWBC clients as a result of our training presentations.”

Sample Sales Presentation

So what do SWBC’s training and presentations look like? Mandy shared the below example sales presentation with me, which demonstrates an excellent blending of Articulate Presenter and Engage color schemes. It also shows off a number of Engage interaction types, including Circle, Pyramid, Tabs, Media Tour, and Timeline:

View Sample Presentation

Capturing Users’ Attention

Mandy explains how Articulate tools have allowed her to make truly engaging content for her users:

“How many times have you been sitting in a PowerPoint presentation and just zoned out? Everyone has seen everything PowerPoint can do. Quite frankly, many of the tools have been over used. How many different text animations can one put into a single PowerPoint? Articulate allows us to capture and retain the attention of our audience in a whole new way. We have all of the same benefits of PowerPoint. We are still able to fully control the flow and pace of the presentation, but in a more aesthetic and efficient way.

“No two presentations are the same. We customize our approach to meet the individual needs of the client or potential client. Articulate Presenter allows us to include everything we could possibly need in one standard presentation. The presenter is then able to use the navigation to select and highlight the most appropriate sections.”

Responding Quickly to Unique Client Needs

The easy usability and customization capabilities of Articulate products allow SWBC to quickly create custom presentations unique to each client’s needs. Mandy elaborates:

“Leveraging SWBC’s strong relationships with insurance carriers, we research the best benefits package for the client. As you can imagine, each presentation needs to be as unique as the client. Articulate Presenter allows us to build a presentation that contains all the elements a sales or account manager may need. They can quickly make edits and further customize the presentation. The end result is a presentation that really demonstrates SWBC’s goal to customize each solution to meet the clients’ needs.

Because Articulate is so easy to use, we are able to complete projects quickly. As our demand continues to increase, so does our need for new, innovative and effective learning and sales presentations. Articulate allows us to respond quickly to needs, of both our internal and external clients.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Mandy!

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