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Today’s authoring tools make it easy to leverage the power of multimedia. Your courses can include not only graphics and illustrations but also narration, music, screencasts, and videos.

There’s a lot to know.  The good news is you don’t need to be a professional audio engineer or video producer to build good elearning.  But it sure does help to know a little about both and how to get the best quality possible.

These posts provide tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the audio & video you do use in your elearning courses.

Upcoming E-Learning Workshops & Events (2015)

E-Learning Heroes Roadshows

We’re hosting a series of two-day elearning workshops that focus on practical tips and tricks. You can register for one day or two days. If you're interested in presenting at one of the workshops (or want to submit an idea) complete this form.

  • June 17 & 18 (Toronto). To learn more and register, click here.
  • August 4 & 5 (Seattle). To learn more and register, click here.
  • September 23 & 24 (Vancouver). To learn more and register, click here.
  • October 28 & 29 (Philadelphia). To learn more and register, click here.

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