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Free people icons are great when they’re truly free to use for commercial courses. And who doesn’t like them, especially now that Microsoft no longer offers free clip art?

Here’s a list of some free icons. I only link to the ones that are free for commercial use. That means you can use them for your work and not spend time looking at free icons that you can’t use.

Kameleon Free People Icons

Articulate Rapid E-learning Blog - free people icons example 1

Nice flat people icons. Free for commercial use and the site also includes additional icons. Download them individually from iconfinder as .PNG files.

Customizable Free People Icons

free people icons for e-learning

Trina Rimmer shares some free icons that can be easily customized because she built them in PowerPoint. Click here to get the free PowerPoint template.

Large Boss Free People Icons

Good mix of characters. Also includes the elusive Satan avatar which is critical for totally serious feedback in compliance training. Free for commercial use; attribution required.

Articulate Rapid E-learning Blog - free people icons example 3

Flatflow Free People Icons

Nice flat icons with actual faces (not sure why there are so many blank-faced icons). Free for commercial use; attribution not required but appreciated. Here’s a direct link to the designer’s site.

Articulate Rapid E-learning Blog - free people icons example 4

Vista Free People Icons

Good assortment of occupations. Free for commercial use, attribution required.

Articulate Rapid E-learning Blog - free people icons example 5

Creative Tail Free People Icons

Another nice collection of flat people icons. Free for commercial user via CC 4.0

Articulate Rapid E-learning Blog - free people icons example 2

Kids Set Free People Icons

These are informal, cartoony icons. Free for commercial use under GPL license.

Articulate Rapid E-learning Blog - free people icons example 6

Need ideas on how to use the free icons? Here’s an example from a presentation I did a few years ago where I used the Kids Set icons above.

Articulate Rapid E-learning Blog - free people icons used in presentations

And here’s an example from a recent blog post where I gave away a free elearning template made with free icons. You can download the free Storyline or PowerPoint template files.

Articulate Rapid E-learning Blog - free people icons used in online training courses

Click here to view the free template in action.

As you can see, there are all sorts of ways to use the people icons. They can be used as avatars, buttons, or characters in your courses.

Some of the free icons do require attribution. If so, here’s a post that shows how to properly attribute the free people icons and give their creators proper recognition. Even if they don’t require attribution, it’s a good practice to still give them credit.

As you can see there are quite a few ways you can leverage the free people icons. Which icon set do you like best? Any ideas on how you’d use them?

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6 responses to “Free People Icons for E-Learning”

July 7th, 2015

The Satan avatar should be included in any e-learning course.

I agree with Daniel! These images are great- thank you so much. 🙂

Leggi la traduzione (autorizzata) in italiano di questo post qui:

Thanks, Tom, for providing these. New icons give our courses a fresh look.

Thank you for sharing these icons and tips for their use. I am currently getting my masters in ID and technology. I have never designed an e-learning course, but I can see myself following your blog as I learn and develop my skills in ID.
Thank you!

Here’s another free set:

It comes with a ‘simple licence’ ( which basically allows unlimited personal use (you know Tom, for all your ‘personal’ elearning projects 😉 and commercial use on one commercial project.