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Articulate Rapid E-Learning Blog - free flat UI learning interaction template

Here’s a template I created for a recent workshop on how to create an exploratory learning interaction. I used a flat UI design for the learning interaction. Since it uses a similar style to this previous template, the two learning interactions can be combined. That’s what I did in the demo below.

Example of the Learning Interaction

Here’s an example of the learning interaction combined with the previous template.

Articulate Rapid E-Learning Blog - example of the free flat UI learning interaction template

Click here to view the learning interaction.

Learning Interaction Downloads

Here are some downloads of the learning interaction:

Feel free to use the template as you like. Also, you can combine them with these other free templates which also have a flat UI design.

Articulate Rapid E-Learning Blog - another free flat UI learning interaction template

Articulate Rapid E-Learning Blog - yet another free flat UI learning interaction template

Click here to view the previous post and get the free downloads.

The files were used for a practice activity on creating simple exploratory learning interactions. They let the learner collect information. Once they have the information, you could continue the interaction by having them use the information to make a decision.


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I have been searching the forums for either a template or instructions for creating the spiral-version of the flat notebook – Is there a template or instructions for this? The ring binder look is great, but I really love the look in the example image above.
Thanks so much,