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Who doesn’t like free and animated .gifs? They’re great for e-learning courses. Use them to create novel attention-getting images, add some humor, or show instructional procedures.

Recently, the AppSumo site gave away free animated .gifs via Lordicon. The offer no longer exists, but the Lordicon site still has a pack for 50 free animated gifs. It’s actually 100 images because you get outline and solid options.

free animated gifs

These are great to use in your Rise 360 and courses. Here’s an example course from one of our training webinars on how to create compliance training.

Use Free Animated Gifs As Header Graphics

free animated gif header graphic

Use Free Animated Gifs As Bullet Point Alternatives

alternative bullet points animated gif

Use Free Animated Gifs with E-Learning Interactions

free animated gif interaction

Bonus Idea

I sign up for sites like AppSumo (there are others, too) because often they have media-related offers that can be used in online course development. This Lordicon offer was free and they gave away 1000 animated gifs. They also recently had an offer for Depositphotos images at $.39 each. That’s a great deal. That’s one that seems to come around every few months.

Most of the offers on those sites are not relevant so I ignore them; but I do like it when I come across one of the low cost (or free) multimedia deals that I can use for my courses. It’s worth checking out.


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7 responses to “Free Animated Gifs for Your E-Learning Courses”

Hi Tom,

This is a great post. I noticed in one section of the Rise example where the animated GIFs were used as alternative bullet point icons. I checked the Articulate community and cannot seem to find any discussion on how this is done or if it’s possible. How did you do this? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


May 7th, 2020

@Celito: Elizabeth built the demo I used. Someone else asked the same question in the community and she shows how she did it. Hope that helps.

Anyone else having trouble downloading the pack? Could anyone forward on the two different icon packs please 🙂

May 8th, 2020

Hey Craig: here’s how to get their gifs. I’d add a link to download but it’s a violation of their terms.

May 9th, 2020

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The “use GIFs as bullet point alternatives” example. What block in Rise is it using?

Wonderful well thought content