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There are a lot of assumptions about rapid e-learning . However, many of them are not accurate. This is our last post in the series, 5 Myths About Rapid E-Learning.

There is a lot of concern about the automated nature of the rapid e-learning tools—that they’ll take creativity out of the process and everything will look the same. This might be true for some; however, the reality is that the only thing that hinders your creativity is you.

One of the things that I find most exciting about rapid e-learning is that I have the tools in my own hands and am not dependent on others to build the training. One of the most frustrating parts of the e-learning development process is working with the programmers. Because they are expensive and have many time constraints, even if you have a good idea, a lot of times you cannot implement it because you’re already committed to a specific direction. This is not the case with rapid e-learning tools.

With rapid development tools you have a lot of latitude and flexibility in changing your project design. If you have solid end-to-end skills you can leverage them to create very good and engaging training courses.

Here are some tips on leveraging the creative opportunities available with the tools.

  • Use all of the multimedia capability. PowerPoint and Storyline have nice animations that are underutilized. With some practice it is easy to replicate sophisticated animations.
  • Create engaging and interactive courses. Engagement can mean that the courses are visually appealing and have interactive learning elements. Look at what people are doing in more traditional e-learning courses. Try to mimic their styles and see what features you can build in your courses. If you step away from the bullet point look, you can create visually interesting training. In addition, there is no reason why you cannot build more interactivity in the courses. Two great books to help you learn to do this are: e-Learning by Design and Guide to E-Learning. Here are some other book recommendations.
  • Win an award. If you want to be creative in the work you do, then find industry awards and create projects that you can submit. If you do this as a habit, you’ll find that you are pushing yourself to build the best training out there.

The e-learning world is rapidly changing. The tools are easier to use and quickly bring knowledge and skills to your learners. While there are some challenges, it is an exciting time to be in the industry. Remember, for every complaint about rapid e-learning there’s probably an opportunity to demonstrate your value. Take advantage of those opportunities and you’ll successfully change with the world.


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4 responses to “Myth 5: Rapid E-Learning Takes The Creativity Out Of The Learning Process!”

My two favorite powerpoint animations are the motion path and fade. When I first saw them used I though they were done in flash.

I’m slowly catching up to many of your posts. I have really been able to connect to your posts here, and it has added so much value to what I perceive as eLearning.

July 30th, 2008

Power point is a simple way to learn. I us it in my classes and let me tell you it work.If you get right to the point you are aim . You don’t have problem. Focus in the subject with picture and other element help to keep the person in focus in the subject you are discussing . It hard to get a person to focus . But have to think again about getting picture with color the will attract the attention and that tell what you have explain.In some cases I had to be very careful not to over do it. Has to be very simple with the explication and the meaning of why you should know this.I have lot to tell ,my classes were all ways like this . Thank you
Iris Antongiorgi -Teacher in Visual Art