Bersin & Articulate Presenter

Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in Case Studies, Customers

Every industry has its experts and evangelists. In the e-learning world, Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin & Associates, is one of our industry’s evangelists. He also happens to be a fan of Articulate software.

Josh is currently using Articulate Presenter 5 to promote an upcoming series of workshops, which will focus on how organizations can effectively develop and implement successful training programs. The workshop series is built upon best-practice research culled from more than 350 organizations, so in it, you’ll learn based on Bersin’s research WhatWorks © — not what doesn’t.


Note Josh’s use of Articulate Presenter’s Attachment feature to include a PDF workshop overview and link to register for the workshop online. He also makes great use of the ability to automatically change view modes to show a chart in slide 3.

Bersin & Associates is a research company focused on WhatWorks© in enterprise learning.

View Josh Bersin’s Building the High Impact Learning Organization Workshop Overview.

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