Reeves Import Motorcars Accelerates Salesperson Training With Articulate

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“Our dealership will be able to eliminate the need for live classroom training completely.”
– Marisa Dodson
Instructional Designer
Reeves Import Motorcars

eLearning Guild members may recognize Marisa’s name from the June 16, 2008 issue of Learning Solutions, which features an article about how the car dealership where she works, Reeves Import Motorcars in Tampa, Florida, embraced technology to bring its training initiatives online.

Learning Solutions MagazinePowering those initiatives? Along with video recording tools, Marisa selected Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio to transition the dealership’s classroom training to elearning:

The Articulate products — Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker — have greatly decreased the turn-around time for these courses. Not only are the programs simple to learn, but also they are a snap to use.

Much of the existing training material used in the Reeves classroom was already in PowerPoint, so that helped with the move to elearning since Articulate Presenter allows authors to leverage existing content. Not only that, but since our products are so easy to use, Marisa was able to train her instructors using “plain English:”

Often, those of us in the IT department forget that not everyone is computer savvy or technologically inclined. But because of the simplicity of the Articulate products, I am able to discuss the process in plain English with the instructors, rather than having to explain a lot of technical jargon, and learners can utilize online courses with little or no prior instruction.

The Articulate products reduced the barrier to entry by allowing Marisa and her team to create “fun, engaging” content in no time:

This absolutely makes the process, and e-Learning as a whole, much less intimidating, and much more appealing. Besides being user-friendly, the quality of the courses that you can make with these products is amazing. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can take an ordinary, dull PowerPoint presentation, and turn it into a fun, engaging, and helpful course with video clips, narration, activities, and quizzes.

You can download the entire 7-page case study below (PDF):

PDF Video, Pinnacle, and Articulate Team Up for Dealership Training (548 KB)

Thanks to Marisa for sharing this experience!

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