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How to Transform Static Content into Interactive Knowledge Checks


Are you looking to build more interactive e-learning? Something that moves your courses beyond click-and-read slideshows? One of the single best ways to begin creating more interactive courses—without disrupting your project’s timeline, client’s budget, or learners’ expectations—is to reframe your existing static content into interactive knowledge checks. Storyline’s Convert to Freeform option offers six super […]

Save the States on a Slide Upon Resume in Storyline


I love it when community members come up with awesome solutions to real-world problems, and then share their ideas with the community. Not long ago, Kate Hoelscher hit a roadblock creating a course for a large organization and devised a fabulous way to get around it. “I built a module in Storyline where the learner […]

Office Navigation: How to Create a Custom Drag-Drop Interaction


View the published drag-drop interaction This is a fun project I built two years ago during the beta for Articulate Storyline. My original idea was to drag the character over a door and immediately branch to a new slide or scene. Well, that took less than a minute! I then started looking at other ways […]

Here’s a New Articulate Storyline Book & Chance to Win a Free Copy


You just got Articulate Storyline and you’re ready to build your first course. The first step is to watch the “Getting Started” videos. Those will give you a very good overview of what you can do with Storyline. If you ever have any questions, check out the free e-learning tutorials or jump into the community […]

Unicorn Training Creates Mobile-Optimized Training for Global Learners


Imagine your company has spent a small fortune developing a library of brilliant, world-class online training materials. You’ve had the best experts at your disposal, and your online training courses generate noticeable results. Except there’s one problem. More and more, the people you’re training aren’t at their desks. They’re commuting, travelling, and working from remote […]

SWBC Keeps Scammers Locked Out with Articulate Storyline Security Training Course


You’ve just made it through airport security when you realize you left your office key card in the cab. Shoot. Well, you’ll deal with it when you get back, right? Bad answer! By then, your key card might have already become a scammer’s ticket to your company’s data goldmine. Situations like this make legal and […]

Building E-Learning Interactions with Your SMEs


Introduction and overview When you’re sorting out the visual direction of your e-learning project, but don’t want to slow down development, there’s a great way to make progress on both fronts: tap your subject matter experts (SMEs). You see, SMEs can help with production as well as with content review, thanks to Articulate Storyline’s Import […]

Provide Consistent Exit Experience Across Browsers


A former client contacted me recently because the Exit tab in her course wasn’t working consistently across browsers. Her question was, “How do I get the Exit tab to work regardless of the browser my learners use?” It’s a great question, and we’ve got an answer: use a launch page. The problem is that Exit […]

Articulate Storyline Healthcare Training Takes Aim at Maternal Mortality Rates


When a new mother hemorrhages, her life’s on the line. “You don’t have time to stop and ponder,” explains Janelle Francis, R.N., Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s education director. “When a patient crashes, you have to move quickly.” But all too often, new mothers don’t get the right care at the right time. According to the […]

How Performance Impact Is Developing 30 Online Courses in Record Time


Imagine that you’re a small, nimble e-learning development shop and your client wants 30 interactive online courses—14 of them ASAP. Huge opportunity, right? It’s also a monumental challenge. How do you ramp your development time by a factor of 2 or 3? When Performance Impact faced this challenge with its longtime client, the Center for […]

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