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Sometimes the feedback we receive from customers is just so good that it stands firmly on its own, so there’s not really a need for me to say much more. So without further ado, I present to you the following testimonial and feedback from Brett Wendorf, Australian National Sales Manager for Kumuka Worldwide:

“G’Day Articulate, We put our first Articulate presentation on our website a few months ago and our hits to our site have improved enormously. We’re one of the the first adventure travel websites in Australia to use this technology, and we think virtually every one of our competitors will have to follow suit or be left behind. Just thought we’d let you know you should get heaps of business from the adventure travel industry! It’s our first one so if it is a bit rough they’ll only get better!”

Note Kumuka’s use of a custom color scheme, attachments, background music, and multi-level navigation. Pretty darn good for a first attempt at using Articulate Presenter!


“Articulate, you are going to change the Australian travel undustry,” Brett continued. “As a leading adventure tour operator, our company, Kumuka Worldwide, operates tours in locations such as Africa, South America, Asia, and The Middle East, and our clients generally want as much information as possible before they pack their suitcases.

“Before we discovered Articulate, our means of getting our message out to our customers was limited to either doing public slide presentations nights, or sending out videos on requested destinations. The problem with doing public slide presentations was that effort and money spent in organising them didn’t necessarily get the return we needed to justify doing them regularly. Videos were quite costly and time-consuming to produce, and were normally outdated within a couple of years.

“We first learned of Articulate by accident. To be honest, I found a presentation done by one of your competitors and saw the potential with it immediately. Unfortunately, when I did further research on the competition’s product, I found them to be enormously expensive in intitial product purchase, and definitely out of our reach in subscription fees. After doing a few web searchs for similar product, I found Articulate as well as a few other similar programs.

We chose Articulate over other programs because Articulate offered all the features of the really expensive programs, at a much more reasonable price. The programs that were less expensive than Articulate didn’t have anywhere near the features, personality, support, or ease of Articulate.

I do believe Articulate is going to change the travel industry, particularly as the internet takes a larger role in this industry (Australia is probably a few years behind America in travel e-commerce). Not only can we now easily provide clients with a fully narrated presentation on the tour they are considering, the potential with training with Articulate is enormous.

“Travel Agents can now have a place to go to learn at their own pace about some of our magnificent destinations. Better than a book, Articulate presentations can show the sights and sounds of the destinations, teach them how to pronounce destinations properly, and perhaps most importatly, inspire them with great tales and passionate speeches. Better than a video, Articulate presentations can be easily navigated through so consultants are in full control over the information they receive and the pace at which they receive it. Most of all, it gives us a chance to put a face and voice to our product, which in sales terms is invaluable. Thanks again for your product and support.”

Thanks, Brett, for the great testimonial!

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