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Pivotal Communications is a marketing communications firm located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The company develops communications for business, industrial and non-profit clients in a wide array of media including print, Web, video, interactive and live events. Articulate Presenter is a key component of the work Pivotal has done for Four Winns, a boat manufacturing company. Four Winns uses material created via Articulate Presenter to train its sales team and educate it on new products.


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“We find Articulate to be an exceptional tool for corporate training development and other corporate messaging tasks,” writes John Sadowski of Pivotal Communications. “In developing this training series, our goal was to explore how to use PowerPoint for non-traditional purposes. We wanted to break free of the bulleted point build slides so common in PowerPoint presentations.

“We are impressed with the ease that Presenter handles a very wide range of PowerPoint animation, a factor that is important to us. Equally important to us has been the ability to output a printed copy of the presentation for edits and client review. Integrating video is another important aspect to future development. The newest version of Flash does an impressive job in terms of file size and video quality. We foresee more video clip content integrated into the materials.

“Again, Articulate Presenter makes this process quite simple. Lastly, we feel a real commitment to the product and its users, by Articulate, the company, by virtue of an active Web site and diligent application information.”

These presentations illustrate an excellent use of text and graphical animation, video integration, and use of Learning Games to engage the sales team learning the new material.


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