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Greg Murray earns a living showing people how to “drive revenue and improve customer communications by utilizing today’s presentation, online, and eMarketing technology,” so he knows a thing or two about creating an effective presentation. Greg runs and happens to be a Certified Microsoft/PowerPoint© Specialist.


Articulate Presenter is Greg’s tool of choice not only for marketing his services, but for recommending to his clients.

“As a business-to-business sales consultant, trying to persuade managers to utilize technology to interact with decision-makers, I need to walk the walk myself,” writes Greg. “Articulate Presenter has allowed me to do this … easily.

“We all know about PowerPoint, but most do not know how to make PowerPoint a true multimedia experience. Now when my prospective clients watch and listen to my talking presentation at, they can imagine how effective their presentation and sales materials can become. When you use as much software and sales technology as I do, you appreciate the rare occasion when a product is as easy to use as they claim. Articulate Presenter is one of those products.”

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