VW Credit: Creating Employee Training With Articulate Is “Too Good to Be True”

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In a new case study, Nathalie Zemke, Learning Consultant with VW Credit (a subsidiary of Volkswagen), says the following of her experience with the Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio:

nathaliezemke.jpg “I’d just taken a Flash 8 course to learn how to use it in conjunction with our authoring tool. Flash was very time-consuming, but with Presenter, I could take advantage of Flash without special knowledge.

“In ten minutes, I created a significant sample portion of a web-based training (WBT) course. It seemed too good to be true!


VW Credit’s Knowledge Enhancement Team is now using the full studio suite to create SCORM-compliant courses that are deployed via their Learning Management System (LMS). Here’s a screenshot of a Presenter-produced course with an Engage interaction:


Learn more in the full VW Credit, Inc. case study. You can find more case studies on our clients page.

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Looks like VW Credit is doing some great things with Articulate software. Thanks very much for sharing with us Nathalie and Gabe. And, I like the Engage circle diagram in the case study. I didn’t know VW owned Bentley! Very nice….

Sheldon Swimmer // Posted at 10:39 pm on September 12th, 2007

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