Why Assurant Health Uses Articulate

Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in Case Studies, Company, Customers, E-Learning Industry

“We’ve selected Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio and we’ve never looked back,” says Karen Eulgen, Technology Specialist with Assurant Health. “From the beginning, we loved how easy it was to use while still providing a range of powerful features.”

You may have seen some of our PDF-based customer case studies in the sidebar here. Now it’s time to practice what we preach and give you Presenter-powered case studies. So here you go — a story about Assurant Health’s experience using our tools and why their old method of course development is history.

Quite simply, with Articulate, Assurant Health can now make same-day updates to its sales channel training content instead of updating over a period of months.


View Assurant Health Case Study – Reducing Training Time from Months to Days

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