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Reviewing elearning examples is a great way to learn. You find inspiration to prompt your own ideas and by deconstructing the courses, you learn to use your elearning software to create something similar.

Here are some really nice elearning examples that I’ve seen in the community recently. Check them out and then try to figure out how they were built.

E-Learning Example: Hero Land

e-learning example heroland

Click to view the elearning example.

Here’s a great module built by Richard Lee Hill. This is one of the slickest demos I’ve seen in a while and an excellent example of what you can create with the authoring tools. He combines some great gaming mechanics with learning more about Storyline.

Deconstruction questions for you:

  • How to move the character freely about the screen?
  • How to collect items and rewards and use those throughout the module?
  • How to create just-in-time instructions?
  • How are animations used? Characters? Backgrounds?

There’s a lot to learn by deconstructing this module. What I really like is that as you collect the eBits you have links to video tutorials that explain parts of how this was created. There’s also a bonus high five because he was able to work Goudy Stout into the module.

E-Learning Example: How to Drink and NOT Drive

e-learning example drink and drive

Click to view the elearning example.

The folks are 42 Design Square always do nice work. I’ve featured them a few times in the past. This course integrates some nice animations and audio effects. I also like the way they used the variable panel to select drinks and see the impact when driving.

Deconstruction questions for you:

  • How did they create the animation effects?
  • How would you create a similar panel in your courses?
  • How to integrate the drink dashboard with the breath analyzer meter?

Lots of good things happening in this demo. See if you can prototype some of what they’ve done.

E-Learning Example: Workplace of the Future

e-learning example workplace future

Click here to view the elearning example.

This example looks at the workplace of the future and was done by Learnnovators in collaboration with Clark Quinn. This style of course is a bit closer to what you might build at work and includes some good scenario-like activities.

Deconstruction questions for you:

  • How did they create the custom player features?
  • How did they create the resource page?
  • Can I template this structure for easy re-use?

There you go, three good examples to whet your appetite. The trick is to explore the modules and consider how they were built. And then try to build quick prototypes to see if you can figure it out.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to connect with the course creators or jump in the community and ask.


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7 responses to “Here Are Some Cool E-Learning Examples”

My whole family is IN LOVE with Heroland. All of these examples are terrific!

And who doesn’t love a good font joke 😉

In the third example, are the fonts standard in Storyline, or purchased? If native, what is the player font? Love it. Assuming all the player elements are custom and on each slide or master.

November 11th, 2016

@Veronica: agreed, those are nice demos

November 11th, 2016

@Amy: those are cartoon fonts and they built the navigation themselves, probably on the master (would be my guess)

Now technology is playing major role in Education Sector.

December 5th, 2016

Superb ideas. This will attract the kids and make them learn new things in innovative and funny way.