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If you’re not using or a learning management system to manage your e-learning courses, then you’ll need another way to upload courses to a web server to share. This is especially true if you’re maintaining a professional portfolio in one of those simple website builders like Wix where you can’t upload your published course files.

In an earlier post we looked at using Amazon S3 to share courses and today we’ll look at using Google Cloud.

  • With Google Cloud, you create an account and add a project.
  • From there you create a bucket to hold the content folder.
  • You upload files and folders (or published e-learning courses).
  • Then you add permission to access them. This generates the URL you can share with others.

Google gives you 5 GB free, and odds are you will never have to pay for the service unless you have a lot of content. And even then, it’ll only cost a few dollars a year at most.

Share Courses Tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial that walks through how to create the Google Cloud account and get it all set up to share courses. If you have questions or need help with this, the Google Cloud site has lots of handy tutorials to help.

View the tutorial on YouTube.



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3 responses to “Create a Google Cloud Account to Share Courses for Free”

Finally !! My prayers have been answered with this video! Thank you!

March 15th, 2022

Tom, thanks for sharing this great tutorial.
I wondered how secure the content might be – could anyone find and open my course? I guess in Storyline I could put a passworded front screen?
Also would this procedure generate an ‘embed code’? The reason I asks is that I am starting ‘lean’ on selling my own courses and the LMS I have in mind can display HTML5 content linked to through an embed code (in the free version).

March 16th, 2022

@Pat: good question. The content is as secure as you want it to be. I only show how to create public links, however Google offers all sorts of other security features. My guess is you could also find some sort of paywall option. As far as embed, all you’d need is an iframe with the URL.