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free web page creator and print web page as PDF

Here are two really cool applications. The first is an easy way to create quick, disposable web pages using your email. And the other is a way to save web pages as PDF for later reference.

Create Free Web Pages lets you create quick and simple web pages. Basically, you put the content into an email, send it to a specified email address (which you can find on their site), and they send you a link back with a web page.

The animation below shows how simple it is, and here’s a link to a webpage I created.

free web page creator

This a neat solution that comes in handy for a few things. I use it for workshops if I have a list of links and resources and want to quickly pull together a shareable link. It’s also a great way to put together a quick shareable portfolio. Add a few images and links and you’re all set.

Save Web Pages as PDF

Often people ask me how they can print off blog posts. Well here’s an easy way. Add the Print Friendly & PDF extension to your browser.

When you find a page you want to save, click on the extension and the page is loaded. You do have the option to clean out some of the content you don’t need or want to see.

For example, in the image below, I removed the header and gratuitous images to clean it all up for the PDF. And here’s the PDF version of the page I saved.

free print web page as PDF

This is an easy way to save content for later access. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind, though:

  • honor the copyright of the author
  • don’t violate the spirit in which the content is available to you

Can you think of any use cases for a simple web page creation?


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3 responses to “Create Web Pages for Free and Save Them as PDF”

May 30th, 2017

If you have Outlook, you can also convert an email to a web page:
1. Open the email
2. Click File > Save as
3. Select HTML as file type.

May 30th, 2017

@Glenda: true re: Outlook. However, saving it as a web page is one thing; getting it to a server to share the page is different. With Outlook, you’d have upload the html page to create a URL.

June 8th, 2017

This is very useful for me. Thanks for sharing such aa lovely article.