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Last week I was at the Learning Solutions conference in Orlando and ran into my mentor and elearning pioneer, Dr. Werner Oppelbaumer. We chatted about trends in elearning and mobile training.

A lot’s happened over the past few years and it always seems like your lab is at the forefront of emerging technologies. For example, you’ve had great success with the:

What’s happening at Werner Labs today?

Thank you for asking. At Werner Labs we’re working on a dual food dispenser. This allows the application of two products at once. For example, with today’s mobile devices it is difficult to have more than one hand free. The dual food dispenser lets you hold your mobile device in one hand and dispense two foods with the other.

Initially we tested this on a hot dog with ketchup and mustard. Then we tried it with peanut butter and jelly. Since then, we’ve been able to add a number of different food items to what we call Super Squirts™ including steak & eggs and Caesar salad.

 Super Squirts and responsive design for elearning

Feedback has been great especially from those who are tooth deficient. We’re also in contact with a major cosmetics firm that wants to create a way to apply makeup and makeup remover at the same time. Now that’s a win-win.

Interesting. At the conference today you gave a presentation on responsive design. I think many people are confused by responsive design and its value to elearning, especially for this upcoming mobile generation. Can you share it with the blog’s readers?

You are correct. Responsive design is critical for this new generation of learners who mostly use smart phone devices. And it’s very important that they learn and that the training we build is effective. Because as you know, if the phone is smart, then odds are you aren’t.

Here is my presentation on the introduction to responsive design for elearning.

responsive design for elearning presentation by Dr. Werner Oppelbaumer

Click here to view the responsive design presentation.

Thank you, Dr. Werner.


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13 responses to “An Expert View on Responsive Design for E-Learning”

Such a great example of how to relate to our younger team members. Thanks Dr. Werner! #thiscourserocks

Werner’s insights are so classic they should be on vinyl.

Long live the finch!

April 1st, 2015

I’ve waiting since Jan. 1 for this. Dr. Werner does it again!

I was hysterical! Many truths! Great capture of the essence of appealing to younger audiences!

This has to be your best post ever. I totally loved it bro! Keep up the fun!

Hi Dr. Werner,

We are currently experimenting with M&M Learning. That’s when we give constructed feedback via a 3d printer that pops out little candies for every correct quiz question.

We’re almost there, just need to get the candies to stop melting in the learner’s hand.

Happy 4/1 everyone!

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article about the Emerging Trends in eLearning and the more important Mobile-Mobile Learning… I certainly was captivated by Dr. Werner Oppelbaumer’s presentation.

I wish there had been a few more ACRONYMS but thank you… I laughed until I stopped!!

Clicked on the Werner Wear link and saw the old pic of the Dr. talking with you and Chris Ayers. I never realized how buff the Dr. was. He is cut!

@Ron: that’s when he was working out

Are you serious? Clearly not – that was atrocious

April 19th, 2015

Our team always looks forward to the April Fool’s posts with Dr. Werner. We were late to the game but laughed about this one at our team meeting on Friday.

April 19th, 2015

Loved the deconstructed Finch.