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Here’s a free elearning template I created for a recent workshop. I used it to highlight a few key production tips, which you’ll find below. The free template includes three interactions: two timelines and one process interaction.

Free E-Learning Template Example

free e-learning template process interaction

Click here to view an example of the free template.

Timeline Interaction 1

The first timeline interaction features segments with dots that represent events. Click the dot and it reveals a layer with all of the events for that particular segment.

free e-elearning template timeline interaction 1

Timeline Interaction 2

The second timeline looks similar to the first. However, each dot has it’s own content layer. This opens up more space for event-specific content. Also, the dot shows a visited state after selecting it.

free e-learning template timeline interaction 3

Process Interaction

The process interaction is a bonus that I created to show how quickly the objects can be moved around to create a different type of interaction.

free e-learning template process interaction

Key Learning Points

Here are some of the things I pointed out in the workshop:

  • Keep with basic shapes when creating interactions. They’re easy to re-use, copy, and modify. Especially when you want to duplicate functionality.
  • Format painter is your friend because you just need to format one shape and apply it to the next.
  • Animations and transitions work if they’re not superfluous or too dramatic.
  • Play around with layouts and template ideas. In this example, I matched the top part of the screen to the player color so it looks like the header blends into the player.
  • Naming is important. Notice how the object titles and layers match? This makes setting up triggers really easy. And if you need to troubleshoot it’s easier to spot if a connection is wrong.

naming layers in free e-learning template

Hope you enjoy the template or use it to inspire your own.


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