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One of the best ways to learn to build courses is to get inspiration from what others build. That’s one of the reasons I like the weekly challenges.

Everyone is presented with the same challenge, yet each challenge entry offers something unique. There’s always something to glean: from interesting visual design to creative use of the application’s features.

When I get the chance, I like to highlight the work that people put out there. Today, we’ll look at some of the examples from Samara Reyneke. Keep in mind that many of these are not complete courses but instead they’re prototypes created for the weekly challenges.

What I like about her examples:

  • Visually rich design
  • Custom navigation & prompts
  • Interesting animations
  • Engaging content design

Check out some of these examples below. You can also see more under her community profile.

E-Learning Example 1: Telling a Good Story

e-learning example good story

E-Learning Example 2: Space Adventure

e-learning example space adventure

E-Learning Example 3: Knuffle Bunny Challenge

e-learning example knuffle bunny

E-Learning Example 4: Learning Experience Design

e-learning example design process

E-Learning Example 5: The World of Bees

e-learning example bees

E-Learning Example 6: Email Etiquette

e-learning example email etiquette


  • Thanks to Samara for sharing her courses and downloads.
  • Make it a habit to at least look at the challenge recaps, even if you can’t participate in them.
  • If you see something interesting, try to replicate it to learn how to build it yourself and then figure out where you can use that in your course design
  • Many of the challenges also include download links so you can checkout the source files.


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