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The other day I ran across the website of How It Works Media.  They produce those clever marketing videos.  What caught my eye was the way they used their vector character with the projection screen especially since I had just done a couple of posts on display graphics which included some some projection screens.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - How it Works Media screenshot

The general layout of their site would make a great elearning template.  Here’s why:

  • Simple, but rich background.
  • Bold title colors.
  • Lots of white space.
  • Dedicated content areas.

As you know, I like to use sites like this as inspiration to show how easy it is to create PowerPoint elearning templates.  So I thought I’d make a template inspired by their site and then share a few tips.

Free PowerPoint Template

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - example of the free PowerPoint template

The template has six different layouts.  I tried to cover the most common layout types.  I also included a projection screen layout based on their screen design.  Of course, you may want to add some of the free displays from the previous post.

As far as the text placement, you can move it anywhere you want.  Also, feel free to modify the template as you wish.

Here are a few tips:

  • I liked the blue mesh gradient on the website.  To create it in PowerPoint I combined two shapes.  The first shape is filled with cross pattern.  The second shape is filled with the color gradients.  I set the gradients to 10% transparent and placed the shape on top of the pattern shape.
  • I always use the generic “office” color scheme in PowerPoint.  This way I can quickly apply a new theme and not have to do a lot of tweaking.  Below are three examples of how the different colors schemes look with the template.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - the free PowerPoint template using different colors

  • I like the bold font that How it Works Media used on their site.  For this template I used Bevan which is a free font available via the Google Web Fonts site. You can learn more about the site and get more free fonts via this post.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - download the free PowerPoint template here

Here’s the link to download the free PowerPoint template.  Feel free to take it apart to see how it was constructed.

I hope you enjoy the free template. If you use it in a course let me know. I’d like see how it turns out.


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17 responses to “Here’s a Free PowerPoint Template & Font”

Hi Tom
Is it only in Sweden that there is news of the new ‘Storyline’ and, finally, iphone and ipad compatability?

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Leggi la traduzione (autorizzata) in italiano di questo post qui:

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@Ian: if you’d like to participate in the Storyline beta, send an email to beta@articulate [dot] com

November 8th, 2011

I am at a loss how to reverse engineer the rectangle shape fill with the cross-hatch grid. Is this a feature of Office 2010 that us 2007 users don’t have?

@Monica: good question. Now that I recall, PowerPoint 2007 didn’t have the pattern fill and they put it back in in 2010. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create your own pattern fills. Of course, you can always find some patterns online and use those instead.

November 8th, 2011

Most excellent! Thanks for the quick response. Sharing with my team now.

I receive your newsletter all the time. I want to download this template. I tried to join the “club”, but it never sends me the email to authenticate my account. I have tried multiple company and personal accounts throughout the day. No soap. Is it just me?

@Mike C: I’ll send you an email. It’s possible the activation email is being blocked.

With the Blue-works template – I don’t see the 6 layouts when I open it. I’m new to Articulate – am I doing something wrong??

@Kim: the layouts are in the slide master layouts. Apply a new layout and you’ll see the choices.

Thanks for the kind words about our work, and our website.

Owner, How It Works Media

[…] Here's a Free PowerPoint Template & Font » The Rapid eLearning … The Rapid E-Learning Blog – Here's a free PowerPoint template. The other day I ran across the website of How It Works Media. They produce those clever marketing videos. What caught my eye was the way they used their … .. […]

Thank you! I am always searching for Power Point Templates. I like how the slides look clean yet colorful and modern. I create presentations all the time for school and the office and I am tired of the same ole standard MS Office templates.

Thanks again!

[…] Here’s a Free PowerPoint Template & Font […]