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Here’s another free PowerPoint template that you’re free to use in your online training courses. The free template is structure to slide up and down as you navigate. I designed the files for a workshop on building some interactive timelines, however it can be used for anything. Essentially they’re just slides with numbered circles. They’d work great as a process interaction. If you need additional slides, just duplicate them.

See the Free PowerPoint Template in Action

Below is an example of the free PowerPoint template without any content in it. As you can see the slides push up as you advance.

free powerpoint template 1

Click here to view the basic template.

And here’s the free template mocked up with some generic content and characters. The first example is the PowerPoint version of the template and the second example is the Storyline version of the template.

examples of free PowerPoint templates

As you can see, modifying the template is pretty easy. In one template I added photo characters and in the other I added some of the free people icons I featured in a previous blog post.

Download the Free Template

How to Customize the Free PowerPoint Template

  • The template has four core slides: a start and end slide and then a left and right circle slide.
  • The template uses the color design theme. Change your theme and the template changes, too.
  • You’ll notice that in the mock up I created, I added a color side panel for more contrast.
  • Add some interactivity by making the number circles clickable to reveal the slide’s content.
  • Here’s a screenshot of the template using pictures rather than shapes and vector icons.

free powerpoint template photo version



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