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As mentioned last week, I’m looking for someone to join the team.  I’m posting today since I heard that some almost missed the last week’s announcement because it was at the end of the post.

My goal is to help the community of elearning developers.  I do this by writing blog posts, building tutorials, and helping out in the community.  I’m looking for someone who shares the same passion.

Here’s how I’d describe the person who can do this job:

  • Loves the community of elearning developers and learners
  • Great visual design skills
  • Can write a practical and easy-to-read blog post
  • Knows a thing or two about building elearning courses…and willing to learn more
  • Passionate about great customer service
  • Good humored, thick skinned, and independent worker
  • Is a skilled, engaging public speaker
  • A bonus would be some Flash and web programming skills

If you love what we’re doing with the Rapid Elearning Blog and share a passion for helping people, then you might be the person we need. 

Job details:

  • 100% telecommuting (work from home full-time), offers generous perks, and you get to work for a cool company that is pushing the envelope of the next generation elearning tools and is passionate about customer service.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Put together a portfolio of what elearning work you’ve done and some writing examples.  If you haven’t written a blog post before, then write a simple one on how to do something in PowerPoint.  Use my blog posts as a guide.
  • Send me your contact info and tell me why you’d be perfect for this job.  Include a link to your portfolio.

You have until Monday, April 6th to get your portfolio and writing samples to me.


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9 responses to “Now Hiring – Join Tom’s Team”

I am considering the job. I do need to earn a living of my own.

I’m sorry. But children in the Kuhlmann family are not currently qualified. Please return to your school work.

March 31st, 2009

Tom, I love your blog. If you love helping the developer community of elearning, make sure that your affection stripped already helped me a lot. I would like to be the person you seek. I have the skills to ask, but there is the barrier of language: my writing in English is very poor. It is a disaster. Read and study much to my native language – the Portuguese in Brazil. I can say, without being red with shame, I write very well in my language. But that is not enough to qualify me as his collaborator. See that this message was written in Portuguese, became the translator of google, and became something like the English language (I think). And if you answer me, I do the reverse process: there I go to google translate from English to Portuguese. Sorry! I was sad, really. Prof. Cassandra Amidani – Brasília (DF) / Brazil

March 31st, 2009

Hi Tom

I am betting that there are a few people who would like the answer to this question. Is the job open to international candidates or just USA?

I live in Australia, but I would love the opportunity to join the Articulate team. I will go ahead and send you my submission. If you are not hiring internationally I would still appreciate the feedback on my work.



Because of travel and logistical considerations, the ideal candidate will be from the US. However, if you still want to get your portfolio to me, it couldn’t hurt. You never know what opportunities exist. Besides, I get a lot of inquiries about experienced ID so it’s not a bad thing for me to know you and your work.

Hi Tom.

This sounds intriguing. Like Andrew, I’d love the opportunity to join the Articulate team and I live in the Philippines. As for the portfolio…well, most of my work are considered company property (I work for a company that accepts outsourcing projects within and outside the Philippines). But I do have an idea on the PowerPoint sample. 🙂



Hi Tom- Just found your blog and love your writing style as well as all the useful information. Is this position considered closed? I’d be interested if the hiring window is still open. Thanks much! Stefanie

April 13th, 2009

I just now discovered this site through your job posting which was listed at Flex Jobs – have you filled the position already?


I’m currently a Communication program graduate and currently working on my Master’s of Instructional Technology at the University of Houston – Clear Lake (in the US, Houston, TX to be exact.)

Well, I just accepted a position as an Instructional Designer and love my job! I’ll be starting the development of my new Instructional Technology and eLearning Blog this summer. I’m thankful to have high impacting individual as yourself as role models of great design and character as I develop my writing style and visual elements.

Keep up the awesome work!