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I like to keep things simple so I usually package ideas around three key points.  It all started when I was taught that there are three steps to getting things done:

  • Prepare to do the job. 
  • Do it.
  • Then clean up when you’re done.

Did this give me all the details I needed to do the job?  No.  But it did provide some clear steps to guide me.  And that’s what I see as my mission with this blog.

I like to provide some simple steps to help you move in the right direction.  Of course there’ll be some gaps between the steps, but that’s OK.  They’ll get filled as you apply what you’re learning and gain more experience.

For this week’s post I decided to review all of the posts where I provided three steps to do something.  You’ll find them below with a summary (and of course loosely organized in three groups).

General Thoughts on Rapid E-Learning

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - elearning stunt double

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - free tools to build elearning

Instructional Design

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - interactive elearning

Graphics & Course Design

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - build interactive branches

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - community resources

So there you have it.  Seventy rapid elearning tips that will help you get started, save time, and find the resources you need to build better elearning.

What three tips do you have?


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11 responses to “Three Ways That These 70 Rapid E-Learning Tips Will Help You Build Better Courses”

WOW! Practical, Fun, Creative. Thanks so much, Tom !!!!!

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August 2nd, 2011

I really appreciate all your suggestions. I come back to them over and over. But your articles on graphics and design have been tremendously helpful. Thanks!

My 3 tips:

1. Read Tom Kuhlman’s Rapid eLearning Blog
2. Practice what he teaches
3. Apply it to your work

I have learnt more practical techniques from Tom than any other eLearning source.

August 3rd, 2011

I like things clear a short. And that is exactly what I found here. I will write the steps down and try to keep them and I will see how well it works for me. Thank you.

I 2nd ELLEN’s comment.

Wow! This was like an information repository.It was simple, precise and a great technique to build e learning courses.

@Ellen: thanks for the kind words…tips 2 and 3 are critical. I think most times we just read about “how to do” and don’t really do the “how to do.”

talk about a fantastic link parade!

Why I appreciated this most is:

1. I have been reading your blog for ages, and this introduced me to topics I missed.

2. I had known, but not really paid attention to the fact, that an action plan with just three steps becomes more doable.

3. As a result of #2 I will break down and integrate more of these simplified action plans into my learning and writing.

For so many things, thank you Tom.

Great list. My three tips would be:

1) Join a local e-learning or graphic design network. Great source to bounce ideas or learn what people are doing.
2) Get in the conversation and seek different perspectives (blogs, books, etc.).
3) Look at broad industries, professions, or outlets for inspiration – use of colors in magazines, use of humor in story telling (a Ted Talk maybe?), or even how a movie trailer builds suspense.

My threes tips have nothing to do with development or project management, more to do with broadening the creative juices I guess.

Great resource Tom!

[…] Three Ways That These 70 Rapid E-Learning Tips Will Help You Build Better Courses […]