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Weekly Recap: The E-Learning Force is Strong with this Community


Did you feel a disturbance in your course? Are you sensing that millions of learners will cry out in terror? Rather than succumb to the dark side, set your hyperdrive to the galaxy’s biggest e-learning space: E-Learning Heroes where you’ll find the friendliest band of course creators who rebel against bad, imperialist e-learning. Whether you’re trying […]

Weekly Recap: A Week’s Worth of Tips & Insights to Save Your E-Learning Bacon


Have your courses started to lose their sizzle? Does your trough of e-learning inspiration need a refill? Then it’s time you headed to the world’s largest e-learning pen: E-Learning Heroes! Whether you’re a small fry or living high on the hog, the Articulate community can cure the toughest challenges. From extra lean courses to those […]

Weekly Recap: Tank Up On Premium E-Learning Tips


You’re in the home stretch of your project, but just… can’t… quite… get… there… Running low on creative fuel can happen to anyone, and it never happens at a good time. Luckily, you can tank up before your long haul projects at E-Learning Heroes. Over the past week, your fellow community members shared premium-grade tips […]

Weekly Recap: Find The E-Learning Resources You Need


If you’re looking for a great source of practical, innovative e-learning finds, E-Learning Heroes is the place to look. As usual, this past week was chock-full of community insights and advice on topics like: managing courses, showcasing your portfolio, using clipart, and much more. Take a peek at some of the bright ideas that Articulate […]

Weekly Recap: Spring Into E-Learning Action


Happy Monday, E-learning Heroes! Feeling a little learner-shy? Stuck on a vexing scenario? Takes and retakes getting you down? Then come check out the most helpful e-learning tips and insights from the Articulate Community to get your e-learning course rolling. Over the past week, the Articulate community shared visual design tips, techniques to customize your […]

Here’s How to Win a Free Copy of the New Articulate Studio ’13 Book


At Articulate, we sell software, of course; but we’re also committed to helping you be successful using it. We want to empower you to build the best courses you can. To that end, we offer all sorts of free resources: Product tutorials Community blog posts The Rapid E-Learning Blog Workshops One of my favorite community […]

Weekly Recap: Accelerate Your E-Learning Skills


If your e-learning project is starting to swerve and fishtail toward the breakdown lane, then it’s time to make a pit stop at the largest e-learning repair shop: E-Learning Heroes. You’ll find skilled course technicians who can quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, and restore everything from e-learning fender-benders to completely totaled courses. And while you’re there, browse […]

Weekly Recap: E-Learning Ideas from the Articulate Community


Whether you need to work up some new concepts, or simply want to practice e-learning basics, the Articulate community is ready to help you ace your next course. Your fellow users can assist you with the right instructional, technical, and creative learning paths. If you haven’t connected with others in the Articulate Community lately, why […]

Weekly Recap: Down & Dirty E-Learning Tricks


Looking for the best place to learn Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio ‘13, or Articulate Replay? You’ll find it all in E-Learning Heroes! Your fellow community members can assist you with everything from product and technical help, to more general e-learning techniques like branching scenarios, working more efficiently with your customers, or finding the latest course-building […]

Weekly Recap: The Week’s Best E-Learning Tips and Insights


Hey course designers, got a project load that’s taking over your waking hours? Little time to keep tabs on the Articulate Community? That’s okay, because we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for backgrounds, storyboard templates, or pre-built interactions, it’s easy to find the resources you need in E-learning Heroes. Check out the e-learning awesomeness […]

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